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Performance Bonuses

By working as an employee of Cooks for Hire, you can earn significant additional income through a generous performance bonus system that's based on evaluations of how well you work.

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Variety of Positions

On-Call positions range from Sous-Chef to Kitchen Helper and for candidates with little skill but an interest in the industry, you can start with a Dishwasher position.

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Amazing Pay and Opportunities

You get competitive pay rates including immediate Vacation Pay. On top of that, you can attract performance bonuses and lucrative career opportunities.

Cooks for Hire Management Inc. is an equal opportunity employer that places qualified candidates into various positions in hospitality organizations within the Lower Mainland. We offer introduction into the industry to identify and narrow down the search for a desired position in one of our client’s establishments. We place qualified candidates in positions on a part-time basis, which can lead to full-time employment with our clients.

On-Call positions range from Sous-Chef to Kitchen Helper. If you don’t have a lot of skills or experience yet, but you are interested in a career in this industry, we also offer dishwashing positions.

Your skills are assessed by a stringent set of rules as outlined in the Job Descriptors for each category. After you are categorized, you are sent out to an assignment where the client also rates your performance. Through these two criteria, we determine your rate of pay and the performance bonuses you receive.

Occasionally we are asked to provide a Private Chef for catering events. We review and select applicants based on experience and education.

We offer employees competitive pay rates including immediate vacation pay. The assessment determines an employee’s category and thus a base pay. But with a client’s review/rating after each assignment, you attract an additional performance bonus that not only benefits you but increases our valuable reputation in the industry.

We also offer additional resources including discounts at several outlets within the Lower Mainland to purchase tools and uniforms. We can offer courses like FoodSafe™ and basic knife skills to enhance your culinary repertoire.

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What are you waiting for?

If you are interested in a rewarding career in the hospitality industry, we would love to hear from you.

Please forward your resume to us or contact us using our convenient online feedback form and someone will get in touch quickly.



I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you have always provided us. After so many years of calling on you for special events, client events and big family get-togethers, the food and the service is always impeccable. From prep to table to clean-up the process is flawless; I never worry.  And the final statement, the absolutely  scrumptious food! Beautifully presented, a feast for the palette and for the eyes. Thanks you for always being there for us.   Warmest regards, Keith and Faith

We have used Cooks For Hire since September, 2015. Each and every time, this team has provided us with quality staff who are professional, courteous and reliable. Their skill level varies from dishwasher/kitchen helpers to Certified Chef de Cuisines. I would strongly recommend Cooks For Hire to anyone in the food service industry.

Harley, Food Service Provider to Independent Schools & Colleges